Crown Cypress produces vouchers that can be exchanged for our services.  We sometimes give away vouchers as a form of promotion.   Other times, someone sponsors a voucher, meaning that they pay us to provide the service.  Sometimes, Crown Cypress jointly sponsors vouchers, meaning that we offer them at discounted prices to sponsors.

If you have received a gift voucher, you can redeem it at Crown Cypress At Home.  We will schedule a time with you where we come to your home and provide assistance.

These vouchers are valid in our service area, which is the Tri-city area of Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol, Tennessee and includes the many small communities in this area.

Vouchers – Gift Services  

Please see Care Services for a list of our most popular services.  We provide non-medical services.


Please contact Crown Cypress to learn how you can earn a free bonus hour of service.

423 378-3100

Please note we reserve the right to refuse any non-official Crown Cypress voucher.