Care Services

Crown Cypress At Home 

We are a locally-based, non-medical, in-home care provider. Our mission is to serve home-bound people in the Tri-Cities area by enabling them to achieve the highest possible quality of life within their own home. You realize that your loved one needs a little help around the house and you’re concerned about their safety, security and overall well-being. Non-medical home care provides help with activities of daily living, from meal preparation and light housekeeping to assistance with medication reminders, errands and companionship. Crown Cypress At Home care allows you or a loved one to remain at home with the assistance needed to maintain a safe and independent lifestyle.

What kind of care and assistance do you need?
Crown Cypress At Home provides:

Personal Care Services — Our personal care services are the perfect solution for individuals recovering from hospital stays, dealing with chronic illness, struggling with Alzheimer’s disease, or simply facing the challenges that come with advanced age or disability. On a full- or part-time basis, round-the-clock, or as respite care, our professionals will work with you to develop a personalized care plan that fits the needs of you or your loved one.
Bathing and Grooming — For those with physical or mental limitations, the simple act of bathing can pose risks. Poor balance or lack of physical dexterity can increase the chances of falling and/or getting injured. Crown Cypress At Home can provide personal care support services such as bathing and grooming to help ensure clients always look and feel their best, while preventing the physical and mental decline that is often triggered by poor hygiene.
Eating Nutritiously and Special Dietary Needs — As people age or their health deteriorates, they often experience circumstances that cause them to make poor nutritional choices. They may lack the ability or motivation to cook for themselves and/or they may not enjoy eating alone. Some experience difficulties in feeding themselves, chewing or swallowing. Their sense of taste or smell may be diminished, making the thought of food less appetizing.  Or, they may have special dietary needs because of a pre-existing health condition. Making small improvements in the quality and consistency of the daily diet can dramatically improve the way you feel and function. Crown Cypress At Home caregivers can help the patient eat more nutritiously or stay on a doctor-prescribed diet by providing services such as grocery shopping, meal preparation, and mealtime companionship. Our goal is to make proper nutrition and the mealtime experience an enjoyable and engaging event for the people in our care.
Transferring and Assistance with Mobility — Helping people stay as active as possible can provide a host of health benefits, including weight control, a better quality of sleep, lower blood pressure, and decreased risk of depression and other serious medical conditions. Physical limitations or discomforts can discourage physical activity, making the patient vulnerable to bedsores and a weakening of the muscles. Crown Cypress At Home caregivers are trained to safely and properly assist clients in and out of beds, chairs, wheelchairs, or onto toilets to help them remain as mobile and engaged as possible.
Incontinence Care — Toileting issues are often embarrassing for people needing help with incontinence. This common problem can be caused by a variety of issues, including disease and progressive aging. Unaddressed, this can cause skin infections and unpleasant odors. Hygiene problems may develop, leading to even more embarrassment. Crown Cypress realizes the importance of maintaining our client’s dignity and privacy. Our caregivers can help provide discreet and compassionate assistance with this most personal care concern.
Companionship — Is someone “living alone” or lonely? Many home-bound people suffer depression and cognitive decline as a result of aging or isolation. Studies repeatedly show that socially-active people enjoy a longer and better quality of life. Crown Cypress At Home caregivers are individually chosen for their compassion and desire to help others. Our experienced professionals will do a thorough needs and social assessment at no charge. Based on our findings, you or your loved one will be paired with a compatible caregiver. Crown Cypress At Home realizes that living involves more than mere housekeeping!  Compassionate care, conversation, and companionship are every person’s basic needs. Getting out of the home is especially helpful.  When we know we are going to interact with the public, we dress better; we try to make ourselves look better; we can look forward to something. It improves our spirit. Alone, it can definitely be difficult to accomplish, though.  A Crown Cypress At Home caregiver can stop by the home, help dress and groom, and do whatever is necessary to get our client ready for a dinner or whatever else might be on the agenda. We can even escort and discreetly assist a person at that event. Just one outing from the home can give a new perspective and light up an entire week.
Laundry — Doing laundry can be too physically demanding for some. Crown Cypress At Home caregivers are happy to help with all your laundry needs. Our services include washing, drying, ironing, and putting clean items away. We’ll do your laundry just the way you like it and care for your linens and wardrobe items just as we would our own.  We can also take your items to the dry cleaners and pick them up for you.
Shopping and Errands — Our caregiver is your personal assistant.  We are happy to assist with personal errands and shopping tasks that are too physically demanding for you right now. We can shop for groceries at your preferred store, stop at the post office for stamps, or pick up prescriptions at your local pharmacy. Cut those coupons, and we’ll present them to the cashier for you. Crown Cypress At Home seeks to provide extra value in every aspect of our care.
Light Housekeeping — Crown Cypress At Home realizes that uncluttered and clean surroundings can prolong a person’s ability to live independently and safely at home. Our services include cleaning kitchens, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping floors, dusting, taking out the trash, cleaning bathrooms, straightening all rooms, discarding expired foods, organizing drawers and closets, and many other homemaker services. Special requests? Just ask us. We’ll do our best to accommodate your needs and desires.
You’re Looking Good — Good grooming helps everyone feel and look better.  For some, though, grooming has become a physical challenge. Our caregivers understand the importance of looking your personal best. We’re happy to help with styling and combing your hair, shampooing, shaving and any of your other grooming needs.Caregiver Relief — We also provide relief for the in-home caregiver.  No matter how much of a saint you are, everyone needs a break. Taking care of someone — even a cherished loved one — can be stressful at times. The health of the caregiver is important, too. One of the best ways of relieving stress is to get away, to take some time for one’s self.  Let Crown Cypress At Home cover the needs of the one you care for during that “me time” you really do need.  Please, allow us to give you that breather.

A Plan for You.

Crown Cypress At Home is committed to making sure you receive the appropriate combination of programs and services that best meet your needs and budget requirements. As trained professionals, we can help you sort through and evaluate the best options for you or your loved one. Give us a call.  We will assess your needs and create a custom care plan specifically for you.

Let us help you and those you love.  Please give us a call.