Crown Cypress At Home invites your help in providing assistance to both the caregiver and the one who is cared for.

The easiest way to do this is by purchasing Gift Vouchers that you can then give to those who need help.


We make vouchers available in various denominations.  We offer vouchers at various levels of support.

We also offer discounts when you give larger amounts of time:

5% discount when you purchase 48 hours or more in a month.
10% discount when you purchase 96 hours or more in a month.
20% discount when you purchase 200 hours or more in a month.

* These discounts are off of our regular $20/hour rate.
* The discounts are based on monthly purchases.

The Voucher has space where you or your organization can place your name or logo.  This lets the beneficiary know that you are who has provided the assistance.

We also have free assessment vouchers and training vouchers we encourage you to give to those who might need them.  The assessment voucher allows the beneficiary to request that we go to their home and evaluate them.  This means we assess if they qualify for any of the six ADLs that CHOICES and the Veterans Administration uses to qualify someone for their benefits.

The training voucher is for anyone who wants to better understand how to help a loved one.  Perhaps a loved one has dementia or some other condition that requires someone to attend them.   Our training program helps the caregiver know what to look for, how to ease pain, how to care for the individual, and, perhaps most importantly, how to care for themselves.  Often the caregiver experiences a great deal of stress that can be overwhelming.  We provide services that help relieve this stress — thus, improving the health of the caregiver and, in the long run, allowing the cared-for to enjoy their healthy home for longer.

Our training program also educates those who want to join our team.  This is more intense training. Perhaps you or someone you know would like to work with others yet needs the education.   Our Crown Cypress team is trained, experienced, and insured.  Join the team.

We hope you will consider becoming a sponsor.  Contact us for a custom sponsorship package.