Crown Cypress Assisted Living strives to meet the needs of adults who require varying degrees of assistance with day-to-day tasks. We offer personalized options with individually customized levels of care. Based upon an assessment, each resident will only receive services they require and desire – without paying for services that they do not require. Our staff, family members, and medical professionals will team with each resident to evaluate and develop a plan specifically designed for them. We take pride in giving personal care assistance, and we diligently support and encourage the independence of our residents. With our comfortable living accommodations and 24-hour access to staff, you can rest assured that you or your loved one is safe, secure, happy, and among friends.

Angela Gray

What a blessing to find Crown Cypress ! The staff has made the transition from living at home to Assisted Living as easy and pleasant as possible for my friends mom. We were able to personalize her room and make her feel at home. She is quite happy at C.C. and is doing really well. She gets out more, exercises more and eats so much better since being at C.C. I love the attention to the smallest detail and the cleanliness of everything at all times.

Melanie McBroom

Thanks to Crown Cypress, my mom has been fall free since she was admitted. 8 months without falls for my mom is a miracle! I trust the staff. They have taken excellent care of my mom-even being kind enough to honor her vegetarian diet-they have made special trips to the grocery to purchase Morningstar Farms foods so mom will enjoy her meals. Can't say enough good things about the staff. The facility is clean, they actually do activities- my mother was always reclusive- she actually has friends and plays bingo!!! She loves to win Snickers candy bars! I am so grateful to the staff- I can actually go to work and not worry if my mom is safe, she actually eats 3 meals a day now- I couldn't get her to at home, and she's more ambulatory now than she was at home!

Sherry Nelson - At Home Manager

Crown Cypress has been a wonderful environment to work in for the past few years. It’s a pleasure to come to work and be greeted by the smiling faces of the staff and residents. It has been a pleasure for me for the residents here to allow me to work in their home and be a part of their lives through the years. I look forward to many more years to come.

A recent survey showed that 99-100% of our residents would suggest Crown Cypress to their friends as a good place to live.

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Carolyn Phillips

Crown Cypress is a close-knit place. We are one big family full of love and care.

Jackie McMurray

We have a kind, caring, and compassionate staff. They take pride in caring for the needs of the residents. Crown Cypress is a wonderful place to live.

Jackie McMurray - Business Office

I am the Business Office Manager at Crown Cypress. I have been employed by Crown Cypress since June 2011. I really like my job because I enjoy doing the duties of office work; but more than my job, I love interacting with the residents and their families. Each resident has their own personality so there is never a dull moment. I truly love them. I feel like they are a part of my family — which, in a way, they are. “One of my favorite jobs is when I am manager on duty on the weekend and I get to play Bingo and be the server at my Sunday Ice Cream Social. We have a great time.

Edith Hansen

This is home. I have everything I need. Friends help when I need it, and there is plenty to do. I love going out in the bus.

Lucille Reed - Resident

The living arrangements at Crown Cypress have met my needs in a well-kept, well-organized environment with staff of the highest ability.